Paul gave me hard hitting feedback & challenged me to bring in talent so I could get balance in my life & have time to pursue my other passions. The Company and I are reaping the benefits.

Carmen Fiorilli President and Founder Fiorilli Construction

Hear What Others Have to Say

Matt Savage

President & Owner, Vasco Sports Contractors

“Paul’s coaching prior to and during the time I purchased my company was invaluable to me and my family. He continues to develop me and adds value to the way I look at and grow the business. I could not have done it without him.”

Jonathan Slain

Co-Founder, Disaster Ventures Unlimited and Cleveland Board Mentorship Chair Elect and Regional Learning Director for Central U.S., Entrepreneur Organization

“Paul challenged me to develop a life plan with my wife which has become the basis for how we view the future. His most recent mentorship led me to pursue acquisitions in the disaster restoration industry. His insights and guidance have been invaluable to me.”

Phil L. Rogers

Paul’s former boss and current CEO of Jenson Hughes

“I was attracted to Roth because of their diverse national products and growth through the recession. As I got to know Paul I became very impressed with his knowledge of all aspects of the business, his relationships with key customers and his positive way of interacting with all levels of Roth.”

“I have known Paul for years and always found him to be sharp, honest and very forward thinking. I brought Paul on as an Advisor to BuiltWorlds and Hard Hat Hub to gain his insight and expertise with the operations and maintenance segments of our industry.”

Matthew Gray

Founder, BuiltWorlds and co-Chairman Graycor

Samuel A. Roth

Former President of FirstEnergy Facilities Services Group 1998-2003, Past President & 2nd generation owner of Roth

“Paul is a proven business success who has worked for private and public companies in a number of industries. He has a unique skill set and insights that you can leverage to grow your business and realize your goals. Paul can cut through the clutter, identify the issues and help you develop the best solution.”

Pete Canovali

Managing Member, Advisor Group

“I’ve known Paul for 15 years and can tell you what he was able to accomplish by leading Roth during the time he and his team owned Roth was nothing short of remarkable. His detailed knowledge of the business exuded confidence when he was negotiating with the buyer in 2011. His leadership and forthright communication during the due diligence process resulted in a productive closing with very favorable terms to Paul and his team.”

Debbie Mansfield

Former Director, Energy & Facilities, JoAnn Stores

“Paul took over as Roth’s executive in charge of our account in 2000 at a time when we were experiencing service issues from the scope of work that was awarded to Roth. Paul’s ability to dive into the problems, bring in the right people from his team, develop a corrective action plan and meet or exceed that plan led to a turn around of the relationship. Paul always brought value added and energy saving ideas to me. Roth provided national HVAC service, EMS install and monitoring, Re-roofing, Construction and Lighting Retrofits for JoAnn’s. His focus on the customer led to Roth being awarded Vendor of the Year several times.”

“I’ve worked with Paul for over 10 years partnering with him to produce energy savings for joint customers. Paul always places the customer first and communicates in a very ethical manner and under sells and over delivers.”

Tim Eippert

CEO and Founder, MC Sign Company

Frank Dixon

Retired Partner, Cohen & Company

“Paul is a stand up guy. I have watched him get the most out of his team by executing the right strategies and fostering teamwork. He is a unique CEO blending very strong financial skills with the ability to see trends in the marketplace and set strategies to take advantage of them.”

Mark Corr

President, Signet Enterprises

“Paul has been a YPO forum mate of mine for over 10 years. He gives great feedback and insights based on his diversified business experience with large companies as well as entrepreneur led companies and enjoys helping others succeed.”

Becky McAdams

VP of Operations/Principal, GPD Group

“I’ve worked with Paul for 15 years and have always been impressed with how he solves customer problems and works collaboratively with other vendors to exceed customer expectations.”

“Paul’s insights and coaching helped me lead my company during the difficult early revenue stage that every start-up experiences. He is my go to during crisis management. He leveraged his network which provided significant value to my company. He also guided us through the development of our strategic plan and the selection of a PR Firm to rapidly scale the business.”

Tony DeAscentis

CEO, via680, LLC

Dave Gordon

President & CEO, Wellborn Forest Products

“Paul has helped me think through the most challenging events that have impacted my business. His understanding of the business issues as well as the emotional issues impacting CEO’s has been invaluable to me.”

John Petures

President and CEO, Akron Community Foundation

“As a member of our Executive Committee and Chair of our Finance Committee, Paul provided valuable insights and leadership to our organization. His guidance and counsel helped me lead the organization through a transformational period of record setting growth and outreach in our community.”

Teresa LeGrair

Former CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Western Reserve and currently Community Investment Officer at Akron Community Foundation

“During Paul’s term as Chair of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Western Reserve, his strong knowledge of leadership and strategy development resulted in us serving many more kids. He guided us in collaborating with other after school non-profits. He was a wonderful mentor and coach to me.”

“I’ve worked with Paul for 15 years and have been very impressed with what he was able to accomplish as President of Roth. Paul led the negotiations when his team bought the company from FirstEnergy in 2006 and when he sold it to Sodexo in 2011. His knowledge of value creation and the deal resulted in a great outcome.”

Paul L. Millet

Managing Partner, Millet & Weisman

Ken Goldsboro

Former Huntington Bank SVP and Currently VP Relationship Manager Home Savings and Loan

“When I was at Huntington Bank, I was the executive who handled the Roth account. Within 11 months of buying the company in 2006, Paul’s leadership resulted in significant improvements in the results of Roth, which enabled us to finance the take out of the subordinated debt held by the former owner. His command of finance, operations and delivering on forecasts resulted in a high degree of confidence in him as a leader.”

Cathy Hattenbach

CEO and Owner, Hattenbach Company

“I’ve known Paul for 15 years and worked with him when my family company was a tuck-in to Roth from 2002 – 2006. He was able to dive in and identify a major profit leak in our service business in short order. His advice was also instrumental to me in successfully buying my family company back from FirstEnergy in 2006. He remains a go to trusted advisor to me.”

Paul spent the last 15 years leading Roth Bros., Inc., a $150 million industry leading national HVAC, roofing and EMS Company. He is an Angel Investor in many tech start-ups; Advisor to BuiltWorlds and Hard Hat Hub; Executive Committee Member of the Young Presidents Organization’s Construction Industry and Sustainability Business Network and he is being mentored by one of the world’s top innovators and disruption experts. After he sold Roth to a large global company, Paul has been following his passion, which is to help other CEO contractors succeed.