This is Safari Paul coming to you from South Africa where I just got to witness my first kill!

As we watched from our Land Rover, a Mama Cheetah came out of nowhere and pounced on a weak Impala. Swiftly, and with precision, the Cheetah accomplished her goal to kill the Impala. It was all over in less than 15 seconds but left an impression on me – Survival of the Fittest is a real thing on the African Plains. Most animals have to decide how to allocate their time between eating, procreating, protecting their turf and not getting killed by predators. Making the wrong allocation of time, not being one of the fittest or taking on too much risk (straying from the herd) dramatically increases the chances of living a short life.

There are significant parallels between my African Safari experience and businesses that die or suffer during recessions, self-inflicted wounds from bad decisions, lack of strategic focus or carrying too many C-Players. Jonathan Slain and I have put together a recession readiness assessment ( that you can take for free to see where you stand vs. others in the business survival of the fittest. If you discover you’re the Impala (score of under 70 on the assessment) and you are at risk of a predator pouncing on you, look into buying our Rock the Recession workbook which will walk you through how to get ready. If you are already a Cheetah (score over 70), this workbook will teach you how to pounce more effectively during the coming downturn!

Are you in denial about when a recession will hit?

David Rosenberg, Chief Economist & Strategist at Gluskin Sheff (frequently on CNBC) recently tweeted:

“I can’t see a recession!” “Where’s the recession!” I can’t tell you how much I hear this every single day. It’s like saying “I can’t smell the carbon monoxide.” By the time you “see the recession”, your head’s sliced off (Yikes).

From what I witnessed, I chose to be a Cheetah in the next recession, the Rock the Recession workbook is your guide to preparing to pounce!

P.S. – Put an African Safari on your bucket list! If you haven’t gone it’s is a life changing experience.

Lessons Learned: How These 3 Bad Decisions Taught Me a Better Way to Lead

Being successful is hard enough without putting a self-induced finger in your eye. Often when companies make bad decisions, it’s not actually the company: It comes back to you, the CEO. Although, I ran a very successful company for 15 years and had a once-in-a-lifetime exit, I made three mistakes I wish I could take back. On the other hand, my lessons learned are now advice I can pass along to you so you can improve your decision-making ability.

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CEO Lessons Learned: How Selling a Business Is Like Getting Married

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The Key to a Successful Team: Resolving Conflict Quickly!

Most people do not like to deal with conflict in relationships. Conflict worsens when you’re not clear in what you really want, and don’t listen to what the other person is really trying to say.

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SOAR to Strategic Excellence by benchmarking your business

As President of Roth, a national service contracting firm, I thought we had all the boxes checked for running a great business. Believing you’re good without knowing if you really are is a scary thing. Yes, we were profitable and growing but could we perform better? How could we improve if I didn’t know where we weren’t best in class?

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To Stay Ahead of the Game, Know the Numbers That Matter With These Reports and Techniques

Many CEOs who run contracting or facility service companies are much stronger with the technical aspect of what their company does vs. the financial aspect. I was just the opposite. I grew up in the financial world. In fact, before running Roth Bros. Inc., a national service contracting firm, I was CFO of a $500 million company. Therefore, I am uniquely qualified to provide insight into how you can know the numbers that matter in order to successfully run your company.

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Is a CEO Coach for You? If so, Use These 8 Tips for Finding a Good One

CEO coaches, like coaches of athletes, can help you dramatically improve your performance (and therefore business) in a short period of time. I do not know of a competitive athlete without a coach. Athletes who are at the top of their game all have coaches. And business is a lot like athletics.

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