How I Overcame Adversity and Obstacles to Realize My Dreams

I'm sure we've all had to overcome some kind of adversity to gain the privilege of becoming CEOs. For me, most of my first 25 years on this earth were spent angry, confused and misunderstood. However, I ultimately chose to turn adversity into success by learning to change my mindset.


Are You Running the Business or Is the Business Running You? Use These 6 Tips to Take Back Your Time

It is very easy as a CEO to get caught up in the weeds of the business and to allow non-value activities to absorb too much of your day. I often hear: I have too many emails; too many interruptions; too many meetings; too much wasted time and no work/life balance. These are all symptoms that your business is running you vs. you running your business. It all comes down to how you spend time.