Lessons Learned: How These 3 Bad Decisions Taught Me a Better Way to Lead

Being successful is hard enough without putting a self-induced finger in your eye. Often when companies make bad decisions, it’s not actually the company: It comes back to you, the CEO. Although, I ran a very successful company for 15 years and had a once-in-a-lifetime exit, I made three mistakes I wish I could take back. On the other hand, my lessons learned are now advice I can pass along to you so you can improve your decision-making ability.

How You as CEO Handle Bad News Reflects Your Company’s Culture

Bad news is inevitable. If you’re not hearing any bad news as CEO, you have a big problem, and one you need to address, because bad news has to be proactively dealt with…or else.

How I Redefined My Relationship with Work and Used Focused Thinking to Grow My Business

I am a transformed workaholic who sacrificed my physical, emotional and social health to get ahead. I used to work 60+ hours in the office followed by many more hours out of the office. I don’t do that any longer.