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This is Safari Paul coming to you from South Africa where I just got to witness my first kill! As we watched from our Land Rover, a Mama Cheetah came out of nowhere and pounced on a weak Impala. Swiftly, and with precision, the Cheetah accomplished her goal to kill the Impala. It was all Read More »

CEO Lessons Learned: How Selling a Business Is Like Getting Married

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When you’ve done the work ahead of time with your exit planning process, you’ll be ready should the decision be made to sell the business. However, you likely aren’t sure what to expect when that time comes. Below is a recap of my experience as CEO of Roth Bros, Inc., when we decided to sell the business. Although it is business, it’s also emotional, and it can be a long, drawn-out process finding the right buyer and making the sale happen. In that way, it’s much like getting married.

To Stay Ahead of the Game, Know the Numbers That Matter With These Reports and Techniques

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Many CEOs who run contracting or facility service companies are much stronger with the technical aspect of what their company does vs. the financial aspect. I was just the opposite. I grew up in the financial world. In fact, before running Roth Bros. Inc., a national service contracting firm, I was CFO of a $500 million company. Therefore, I am uniquely qualified to provide insight into how you can know the numbers that matter in order to successfully run your company.

How Measuring Employee Engagement Can Single Out Sketchy Supervisors

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I read in Gallup's book on employee engagement that an employee's view of the company they work for has everything to do with whom they report to. Even if you have a great culture, history, reputation, etc., if some of your people are working for an idiot, those people will not be engaged and they will think poorly of the company. The power supervisors at all levels have to ruin or make your culture and therefore employee engagement is huge, because employee engagement can make or break your company. That’s why I say you need to measure it.