Lessons Learned: How These 3 Bad Decisions Taught Me a Better Way to Lead

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Being successful is hard enough without putting a self-induced finger in your eye. Often when companies make bad decisions, it’s not actually the company: It comes back to you, the CEO. Although, I ran a very successful company for 15 years and had a once-in-a-lifetime exit, I made three mistakes I wish I could take back. On the other hand, my lessons learned are now advice I can pass along to you so you can improve your decision-making ability.

Want to Drive Incremental Improvement at Your Business? Try the BFC Approach

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One of the things a company needs to do well to stay in business over the long term is constantly improve. If everyone in your company improved their productivity by just 5% a year, the compounding of that alone would give you a cost advantage vs. your competition. The question is, how do you get everyone on board and willing to improve their productivity?