Paul J. Belair of 10X CEO Coaching is the personally-accountable coach you need to increase your business performance; get peak performance out of your team; develop and execute the right growth and exit strategies; avoid blind spots that could take you (or your company) into a ditch, and hold you accountable for personal and business growth.

Paul has been a member of

How I Overcame Adversity and Obstacles to Realize My Dreams

I’m sure we’ve all had to overcome some kind of adversity to gain the privilege of becoming CEOs. For me, most of my first 25 years on this earth were spent angry, confused and misunderstood. However, I ultimately chose to turn adversity into success by learning to change my mindset.

SOAR to Strategic Excellence By Benchmarking Your Business

As President of Roth, a national service contracting firm, I thought we had all the boxes checked for running a great business. Believing you’re good without knowing if you really are is a scary thing. Yes, we were profitable and growing but could we perform better? How could we improve if I didn’t know where we weren’t best in class?

Is a CEO Coach For You? If So, Use These 8 Tips for Finding a Good One

CEO coaches, like coaches of athletes, can help you dramatically improve your performance (and therefore business) in a short period of time. Athletes who are at the top of their game all have coaches. And business is a lot like athletics.

Do You Want to Be the Disruptor or the Disrupted?

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Matt Savage

Matt Savage

President & Owner, Vasco Sports Contractors

“Paul’s coaching prior to and during the time I purchased my company was invaluable to me and my family. I could not have done it without him.”

Carmen Fiorilli

Carmen Fiorilli

President and Founder, Fiorilli Construction

“Paul gave me hard hitting feedback & challenged me to bring in talent so I could get balance in my life & have time to pursue my other passions. The Company and I are reaping the benefits.”

Jonathan Slain

Jonathan Slain

Co-Founder, Disaster Ventures Unlimited and Cleveland Board Mentorship Chair Elect and Regional Learning Director for Central U.S., Entrepreneur Organization

“Paul challenged me to develop a life plan with my wife which has become the basis for how we view the future. His most recent mentorship led me to pursue acquisitions in the disaster restoration industry. His insights and guidance have been invaluable to me.”

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Paul will help you achieve 10X results by helping you get peak performance out of your team

Paul spent the last 15 years leading Roth Bros., Inc., a $150 million industry leading national HVAC, roofing and EMS Company. He is an Angel Investor in many tech start-ups; Advisor to BuiltWorlds and Hard Hat Hub; Executive Committee Member of the Young Presidents Organization’s Construction Industry and Sustainability Business Network and he is being mentored by one of the world’s top innovators and disruption experts. After he sold Roth to a large global company, Paul has been following his passion, which is to help other CEO contractors succeed.